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Avaya CallForwarding Instructions

Call Forwarding Instructions:

(Note: For Call Forwarding to work, you cannot be logged into ACD and you cannot have both SendAll and Call Forwarding selected.)

Sending calls directly to your voicemail box without ringing on your line

To send all calls to voicemail, simply go to your feature list, and select the “SendAllCalls” feature. When a caller dials your extension, your phone will ring once, and then the caller will be forwarded to your voice mail.

Sending calls to be picked up at another extension

To send all incoming calls to another extension, go to the feature list, and select the “CallForwarding” option. Once selected, dial the extension to which you wish to forward your calls. Certain users also have the ability to forward calls to an outside number, such as a cell phone. Just remember to include the number 7 as a prefix to dial the outside line.