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Search The Class Schedule in My Fresno State

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  1. Once you are logged into My Fresno State, click on Student Self Service under My Menu.

    Menu contents, Click on Student Self Service

  2. In the Student Self Service screen, click on Student Center.

    Click on Student Center

  3. In the Student Center, click Search For Classes.

    Click on Search for Classes

  4. In the Class Search menu, enter the appropriate term (enter 2113 for Spring 2011) and click Go.

  5. This is the Class Search screen. To find a course subject like English or Geology, click on the Select Subject button.

    Fill in the subject code in the subject field.  If you do not know the subject code, click on the select subject button to find the appropriate code

  6. This is the Course Subject Lookup screen. For our example, click on the E to find English. Click on the Select button to select English.

    Find the course desired in the list, and click on the select button

  7. If you wish to utilize the Course Number field, there are four ways to use it. If you know the course number, set the drop-down menu to "is exactly" and enter the course number. If you want a list of upper-division classes, set the drop-down menu to "greater than or equal to" and type 100 in the number field (since all upper division classes are in the hundreds.) You can also choose to leave the course number blank.

    Rather than doing a simple subject search, If you know the course number already, or know part of the course number you may wish to search by this as well.  In the first space, choose contains, Is greater than or equal to, is exactly, or is less than or equal. Fill in the course number in the given second space and click search

  8. It is best to use the Course Career field to get a wider sample of available classes. To view all the undergraduate classes, select "Undergraduate".

    Use the Course Career field to further refine your search.

  9. For our example, this screen should give you a list of all undergraduate English courses. Click the Search button.

    This example shows how to find all English classes.

  10. Classes will be listed from lowest to highest. The class number is found in the parentheses of the Section field.

    Results are listed from lowest class number to highest, and lowest section number to the highest

  11. A green circle means that the class is open. A blue square means that the class is closed. A yellow triangle indicates the class is full, but students can add themselves to the waitlist.

    A green circle in the status field indicates an open section, a blue square indicates a closed section
  12. To find online classes, click Additional Search Criteria and select “Digital Campus” as the location and search.
  13. To find Learning Communities classes, enter “LCOM” as the course subject and search.